A better way to write your business bio

IMG_1048Even articulate people can become phobic when trying to write their own biography for a pitch, presentation or online blurb. Especially if the bio needs to venture outside the box. This simple strategy might get you started…or take your writing in a new direction.

  • Step away from the keyboard. Grab a good pen and a stack of Post-It notes.
  • Brainstorm your life’s highlights and achievements. Go fast, one per Post-It. Don’t edit or organize yet. Write down your role as a blade of grass in Grade 2 right after your time in the Oval Office.
  • Group common things together. Use separate sheets of paper (Post-Its are handy for this). Don’t discount the blades of grass out of hand – they might be part of a trend.
  • Look at what you have. Can you shuffle them into a logical story? What is most meaningful to your direction now? What makes you stand out? What has most credibility? What suggests focus?
  • Not there yet? Go back to step one. If you feel these examples and results don’t demonstrate your talents, start again. This time, brainstorm with someone you trust who knows you well.
  • Get excited about yourself, for heaven’s sake.
  • Draft it. Think verbs and nouns, not adjectives.
  • Make it clear. Does it speak meaningfully to people both inside and outside your industry?
  • Make it simple. Stick to the essence. The blade of grass might still matter if it was your first stage appearance – and it relates to what you’ve achieved since. Your next role as a toad may not.
  • Break all the rules and inject your personal style. Say it in your own words, not something people imagine to be proper business-ese.

Good writing, and good luck!