As a writer, Helen wants to really know you and your audience: what you want to accomplish, and how to help them understand, care and believe. Then, she looks for ways that medium, content, and design can work together to make your message unmissable.


In any medium, good copy should invite you to read. People have adjective fatigue. They know when words have weight. Helen’s goal is always to make connections. Whether writing about luxury or technology, she aims to engage and persuade – in a voice that ‘speaks like’ the organization and ‘speaks to’ its audience.

Creative Consulting

There are many good writers, but not all can think beyond words. Often called a designer’s writer, Helen has teamed with graphic designers on many showcase projects, and to develop concepts for client work. She keeps sight of the visual, tactile and dimensional, as well as the client’s business and communication needs.

Content Strategy

What structure should a web or print architecture take? Which facts matter most – and what is missing? Electronic or print, Helen understands the reader’s needs and the designer’s craft. Before Lorem ipsum ever hits a layout, her editorial strategies can help shape the manuscript, design, and user experience.


Developing names and tag lines requires discipline as well as wildcard thinking. When brainstorming with a group, Helen keeps ideas flowing to generate quantity, quality – and fresh directions. When working behind the scenes as part of the creative team, she respects the brief as she pushes the creative envelope.

If you’d like to put Helen’s thinking and writing to work for you, give her a call or drop her a line. Her contact info is at the bottom of every page.